Angular energy is conserved, not angular momentum

An introduction for laymen

It would be irrational to deny that Newton used the classical ball on a string demonstration of conservation of angular momentum. It is still in use by modern day physics professors.

We are told that the ball spins faster when the radius is reduced because angular momentum is conserved.

What has been overlooked is the simple fact that as we reduce the radius, the circumference is also reduced which means that the ball has less distance to travel in a single revolution and therefore does it more quickly.

This explains the increase in angular velocity that we perceive. It is a perceptual error.

If angular momentum were actually conserved, we would have observed the ball accelerating so quickly that centripetal / centrifugal force would have strained the tether beyond breaking point, the ball become a missile and quite possibly killed one of the spectators. This is exactly what the outgoing scientific mathematics predicts.

There is no scientific experiment which directly confirms that angular momentum is conserved in a variable radii system. This means that conservation of angular momentum remains an hypothesis because it has not yet been empirically proven. It is therefore fraudulent to describe it as a law.

The predictions made when we conserve angular momentum are absurd. (See this example).

Everything we measure produces results which conflict with the predictions. (See these examples).

It is in fact angular energy (rotational kinetic energy) that is being conserved.

Video Demonstrations

Various You-tube demonstrations which I have made can be found HERE.

My Papers (Each a self contained absolute proof)

These are all theoretical physics papers which means that the proofs are all logical proofs. They can only be defeated by showing false premisses or flawed logical deduction failing which it is mandatory to accept the conclusion drawn. To reject any of these papers without first showing false premisses or illogical deduction is to confirm ones bias by abandoning rationality.

My mathematical physics paper

Orbital motion - a paper intended for astronomy journals

In the angular momentum equation L = r x p, which one of the remaining variable’s magnitudes is correctly conserved when the magnitude of the radius changes?

Angular momentum is not conserved in variable radii systems.

A thought experiment indicates that a classic physics demonstration is invalid.

My original three proofs (June 2016 versions - the older ones are more amateur)

Paper 1: Conservation of angular momentum does not apply to an object orbiting on a tether with a reducing radius.

Paper 2: Conservation of angular momentum is not applicable to a mass orbiting on a tether with a changing radius

Paper 3: If one defines the magnitude of a property to be momentum multiplied by radius then one cannot reasonably expect said magnitude to be conserved when the radius changes.

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