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Clocking Machines

eClock tag system

eClock clocking machines are user friendly

It's easy to clock

Employees just touch their finger or tag to the eClock to register their arrival or departure from work.

It's Easy to manage

Time-sheets are available immediately in report format on screen at the touch of a button. The software is so simple to use that it is hard to believe that it can be so incredibly sophisticated.

eClock is a very efficient time and attendance system

It uses very little space on your hard disk, and takes very few processing resources to operate. Since the system is directly connected to your computer the information is available immediately to print time-sheets calculating gross pay, holiday pay, PAYE and UIF.

The eClock is an extremely economical clock card system

The eClock is only available on a low cost full maintenance genuine month to month rental. Anytime you feel you are not getting value for your money, you are free to cancel by giving one month's notice.

eClock is an effective way to handle your time recording needs

The software has been fine tuned over decades to handle any possibility you can throw at it. It handles day shift, night shift, late shift, rotating shifts, monthly and weekly staff simultaneously, links up to every payroll we have come across so far and will cater for shift allowances.

eClock service is really good

You are ensured of the best possible service from us because our aim is to keep you on as a customer which means that we have to keep you happy which means that our service is always great and improving and comes with a free smile.

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