The eClock FingerPrint Time and Attendance register system.

Time and Attendance Registers

"Excellent timekeeping system"
- Brian from Alugutter.
"Worth a lot more than it costs."
- Antoleen from Ashwood Interiors.
"Fantastic service, thanks a mil!"
- Ruth from Catermatic
- Various Customers.
The eClock touch tag Time and Attendance system.


The genius behind any product is evident in it's simplicity. Time and attendance is the process of recording, gathering and calculating the working hours of employees for the purpose of paying them them fair wages for the time that they have worked. Since it is laborious, methodical and time consuming, it is ideally suited to computerisation. Once computerised, your wages can become a very quick, easy and painless task to perform. The eClock is designed to be easy to use from the perspective of both the employees that are required to clock in and out on it as well as from the perspective of the person responsible for the management of the system. But do not be fooled by it's apparent simplicity because it is in fact a highly sophisticated system capable of handling multiple shift structures, producing departmentalised reports and highlighting a full range of exceptions in a management summary report as well as performing basic payroll functions such as calculating PAYE and UIF. It also links seamlessly into all the common payroll systems available.


The eClock is extremely reliable. We have taken great care to ensure reliability because if our customers experience any problems, they contact us immediately and we are obliged to correct them or else they give us one months notice. That's the beauty of our rental marketing strategy - it means that reliability is actually very important to our bottom line. Trust us when we say that we invest a lot of time and energy ensuring that all of the products which fall under our eClock line are very reliable. This includes our access control products as well as our computerised timer for sounding a siren to indicate working hours for employees (namely the Ringer). You can rely on an eClock.


Ultimately it costs less to rent an eClock than it does to buy most of the alternative products. Check out our prices and see for yourself. Our rental prices are very low and when you consider that they include full maintenance and support - well you might just struggle to believe it.

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